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Maina Wycliffe, Typescript Coach

Hi, My Name is Maina Wycliffe, I am a web developer, content creator, and coach. I aim to coach developers on Typescript and best practices for building awesome websites. My goal as a coach is to break complex topics in Web Development into small, easily understood, and ingestable bits that you can apply immediately. 

My approach is to use real-world and practical examples that you can apply in your job or to build the next awesome project so you can deliver safe and transformative solutions to your users and customers.

Google also recognizes me as a Google Developer Expert in Angular.

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My name is Maina Wycliffe, and I am a web developer and typescript coach. Every week I break complex Typescript topics into small, easily understood, and ingestable bits that you can apply immediately in your journey to create awesome solutions.


Author of All Things Typescript and Google Developer Expert for Angular