Learn how to avoid duplicating both Zod Schemas and Typescript Types and instead infer Types from Zod Schemas, using them as a source of truth for your Types.
In this issue, I walk you through Type Narrowing, what it is and techniques we can use to do Type narrowing.
A private space for us to converse and connect and learn from each other
In this issue, I am going to cover the reasons why I have published content for over a month and what to expect next from All Things Typescript and me.
In this week's mid-week scoop, I explain to developers where to look for types when consuming third-party libraries in Typescript.
We all love Typescript because it brings some sanity when working with Javascript. We define our intention (type annotation), and Typescript checks the…
In this issue, we talk about function overloading and how to do function overloading to create types for complex functions, without compromising type…
Taking a look at how Typescript compares functions to check whether one function type is assignable to another function Type.
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